2010 Report for Watson And Bassett



Type of Site:

Vacant Lot


Watson and Bassett, New Haven, CT

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.9337719 41.3321967)



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Number of events


Number of trees planted


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1 Linden, 1 Purple Leaf Plum

Number of shrubs planted


Number of perennials planted


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4 coral bells, 4 hostas, 2 black-eyed Susans, 2 liriope, 2 blue fescue, and 2 plumbago

Yards compost spread


Yards mulch spread



The Watson and Bassettt Greenspace group has been part of URI's Greenspace program for many years. The group began with an initiative to turn a vacant corner lot into a park. The park has been maintained over the years by the group's dedicated leader and a handful of community helpers. The park's plantings are at capacity, so the group decided to focus on maintaining the plantings and building a new bench near the existing park bench. A bird bath was salvaged for the area near the existing bird houses. In addition, the group began negotiations to restore a piece of art in the park that has become weathered and rusted. Later in the summer new interest was sparked in trees on Bassett Street. Several neighborhood teens and younger children were helpful in the two tree plantings and the bench building. The group's work this summer, including the bench, birdbath, and trees, will have a lasting impression on the community.

Other activity

The group built 1 bench, placed 5 bluestones for the ground in front of the benches, put up 1 birdbath and 1 poster picture of the original Greenspace group posted on the birdhouse.