2012 Report for Winthrop Sunshine Planters


Beaver Hills

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Winthrop Ave and Percival Street , New Haven, CT



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2 pear, 2 crabapple 'prairiefire', 3 purple leaf plum, 2 sweetgum, 1 pin oak, 3 Kwanzan Cherry, 2 Japanese tree lilac, 1 dogwood.

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2 'knockout' rose, 2 azalea, 2 clethra, 2 ninebark wiegela, 4 hydrangea, 1 holly bush, 3 inkberry, 4 juniper.

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daylily, coral bells, black eyed susan, hosta, Russian sage, yarrow, peonies (perennial), veronica royal candle, coreopsis, liriope.

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The Winthrop Sunshine Planters had a banner first year in the Greenspace program, planting 16 trees and completely renovating three front yards in an effort that literally transformed a bustling section of Winthrop Avenue between Whalley Avenue and Goffe Street. Led by Karen Washington, the group got off to an impressive start, planting three trees in their very first meeting! The rest of the summer was spent breathing new life into the neighborhood through the group's work, which included the planting of more than 40 flowering perennials and numerous shrubs and flowering trees. Their efforts toward remediation of three lead-contaminated front yards through URI's Healthy Yards program, as well as the planting of 3 large shade trees, will ensure a safer and cooler home for children of the neighborhood for years to come. While the list of accomplishments for the Sunshine Planters is lengthy, their goals for next year are even greater. This group's work has only just begun!

Other activity

The group worked in three front yards and spread 3 yards of topsoil!