2009 Report for Wolcott And Lloyd


Fair Haven

Type of Site:

Vacant Lot


Wolcott Street and Lloyd Street, New Haven, CT



Number of volunteers


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Number of events


Number of trees planted


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1 Purpleleaf Plum

Number of shrubs planted


Number of perennials planted


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8 Coral Bells, 8 Daylily, 6 Hostas, 7 Lamium, 5 Coneflower

Yards mulch spread



The Wolcott and Lloyd site has been a Greenspace site for more than 10 years. This formerly vacant lot was formerly used as a dumping ground and even the turf of the Latin Kings gang. The efforts of 4 different groups of residents over the past 10 years have gradually reclaimed the site as a Community Greenspace. For the past two years, the intensive work of very committed participants has transformed the Wolcott and Lloyd area into an attractive and inviting place for community members to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This summer, the group focused on pruning back the wisteria that had taken over the arbor, mulching the numerous perennial beds, and replacing a couple of perennials in the whiskey barrel planters. They also planted a beautiful purpleleaf plum at the intersection of Wolcott and Lloyd Streets. In addition to work on the greenspace, the group did curb strip planting for a couple of community members and continued to beautify and make a positive change in their neighborhood.