Wolcott And Lloyd

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2017 Greenspace Report

Wolcott and Lloyd is an Emeritus site on a corner lot that sees a lot of traffic. A local neighbor of the park has been spearheading the effort to maintain the park for over fifteen years at this point. One of the early issues of this season was that the park was just too large an area for what essentially amounted to just one person caring for the area. However, we were lucky to successfully address this problem in two ways: 1) Much of the high maintenance grassy area of the park was replaced with mulch. This increased site lines into the park, and decreased the need to frequently mow. 2) The park had two workdays with students from Common Ground High School, who did an amazing job at revitalizing the area. They removed grass, spread mulch, pruned, edged the path, laid peastone, replanted grass patches outside, and transplanted day lilies into the park.

2017 Accomplishments

  • 2 perennials planted (Yarrow (strawberry seduction))
  • 0.5 yards compost spread
  • 2.5 yards mulch spread
  • 7 events
  • 1 volunteers
  • 18 volunteer hours