2015 Report for Yow Street Plant Brigade (Formerly: Young Street Plant Brigade)


Beaver Hills

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Osborn Ave. and Young St., New Haven, CT



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Kwanzan Cherry, Yashino Cherry, and Crabapple

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Spirea and Vibernum

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Moonshadow euonymus, liriope, Shasta daisy, catmint, Russian sage, cone flower, and coreopisis

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As you enter the YOW! neighborhood along Osborn Avenue, it is hard not to notice the recently-planted cherry trees that border the cemetery. Their vibrant display of flowers can be enjoyed in early summer, while their impressive canopies are celebrated from leaf-on to leaf-off. On the opposite end of the street, mature shade trees cast peaceful shadows over the otherwise warm sidewalk. After making your turn onto Young Street, your eyes catch the perennials surrounding recently planted crabapples and dogwoods. Black-eyed Susans and Russian sage filter into view and before too long, you take a left onto Whittlesey. Here, you find a newly restored front yard with young spirea, liriope, and vibernum. A new cherry tree greets you further down the road with catmint and Shasta daisies directly below. The whites, greens, purples, and pinks represent the connection between the diverse and passionate community members that call YOW their home. YOW! is an active Green Space group comprised of neighbors from Young Street, Osborn Avenue, and Whittlesey Avenue. Through the years, these streets have grown closer to one another as a result of tackling restoration and stewardship goals. Today, the community is well connected and residents share a common vision for their neighborhood.

Other activity

0.5 yard Top Soil