Yow Street Plant Brigade (Formerly: Young Street Plant Brigade)

Volunteer Leader(s):

Susan Klein
Chris McDaniel

Neighborhood: Beaver Hills

Type of Site: Streetscape Streetscape

Address: Osborn Ave. and Young St., New Haven, CT


2018 Greenspace Report

The YOW Street Planting Brigade has had a significant impact on the Beaver Hills neighborhood over the nine years they have worked to promote community engagement, urban forestry, and restoration along Young Street, Osborn Avenue, and Whittlesey Avenue. This year, the group worked to beautifully maintain five raised-bed perennial boxes and prune street trees along Osborn Avenue and Young Street. The group also joined forces with a new greenspace group nearby, sharing their insights from previous years and pitching in to help to convert a vacant lot to a park on Blake Street.

2018 Accomplishments

  • 83 perennials planted (Species: variegated liriope (x23); Russian sage (x8); daylily (x10); hosta (x9); coral bell (x12); cat mint (x9); monarda balmy rose (x3); daisy (x3); Sage Meadow (x3); Hydrangea (x3) *Please Note: the online blog lists 54 perennials planted that correspond with work days; there were an additional 29 perennials which were planted later in the season by the group themselves (supplied by URI) as the group transitioned to emeritus status. This yields a total of 83 perennials planted by YOW in 2018 )
  • 2.5 yards mulch spread
  • 5 events
  • 15 volunteers
  • 48 volunteer hours