Quarry Park

Neighborhood: Fair Haven Heights/Quinnipiac Meadows

Type of Site: Park Friends Park Friends

Address: 283 Russell St., New Haven, CT, 06513


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2022 Greenspace Report

Few places in New Haven are as storied as Quarry Park—the site of a former quarry mine that unearthed dinosaur fossils sometime around the late 19th century. New to the URI Greenspace family, this group has been working to restore the park’s circuit of trails, beautify its entrances, clean up the perimeter, and remove invasives. While many of the volunteers have working at the site for years, they have contended with a formidable host of problems: encroaching neighbors, illegal trash dumping, and dying beech trees, to name a few. This summer was nonetheless a promising start—we continued clearing invasive burning bush and bittersweet that had taken over the park. Volunteers added a variety of shrubs and hardy perennials along the Russell Street entrance to create a more inviting space to the public. They also worked to clear the trail (removing weeds, laying down logs) and pave wood chips over the paths.

2022 Accomplishments

  • 6 shrubs planted (2 inkberries, 2 witch hazels, 2 spicebushes)
  • 17 perennials planted (3 white wood asters, 4 foamflowers, 8 bee balm, 2 penstemon)
  • 1.0 yards mulch spread
  • 9 events
  • 9 volunteers
  • 87 volunteer hours