Shelter St.

Neighborhood: Fair Haven

Type of Site: Streetscape Streetscape

Address: Shelter St., New Haven, CT

2011 Greenspace Report

The high energy of Shelter Street's Greenspace group makes every planting a fun, social event. The group decided to focus on stewardship and planting perennials around trees. Bringing a burst of color to the street, Shelter Street Greenspace group continues to add beauty and life to their neighborhood.

2011 Accomplishments

  • 36 perennials planted (Phlox (4), Artmesia (4), Daylily (8), Dwarf Russian Sage (4), Coneflower (4), Yarrow (2), Sedum (2), Black Eyed Susan (3), Coral Bell (1), Hosta (4))
  • 0.5 yards mulch spread
  • 3 events
  • 13 volunteers
  • 47 volunteer hours