Hallock And Congress

Neighborhood: Hill

Type of Site: Streetscape Streetscape

Address: 29 Hallock St., New Haven, CT, 06519

2013 Greenspace Report

The Hallock & Congress community Greenspace group has been actively working to improve the block of Hallock Street since 2010 by means of tree and perennial planting, and front yard remediation. In that time they have planted 15 of a potential 37 street trees along the block. Due to low community involvement and requests for trees the group only planted one tree this year - at 29 Hallock Street. It was a replacement for a decaying tree that had been cut down by the City. Despite the low level of engagement from the neighborhood this year, the work this group has completed over time has greatly improved the appearance and canopy cover of this block. The few dedicated neighbors have worked actively to maintain their perennials and front yards, as well as have been inspired to start gardens of their own. The accomplishments of Hallock & Congress Greenspace group are visible and may work to spark interest from new neighbors in future summers.

2013 Accomplishments

  • 1 trees planted (Crabapple snowdrift)
  • 4 perennials planted (Black-eyed susans (2) Hostas (2))
  • 1 events
  • 4 volunteers
  • 5 volunteer hours