Hemingway Butterfly Garden: Mariposas del Mundo

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2022 Greenspace Report

The swaths of agastache and wild phlox you see might belie the Hemingway Butterfly Garden’s origins as a vacant lot. Now entering its fourth year as a Greenspace site, the butterfly garden is quickly establishing itself as a pollinator hotspot and a stunning natural oasis. Its volunteer team worked throughout this season to maintain and expand the existing space. They spent first half of the summer with maintenance work, weeding flowerbeds and clearing knotweed along the creek bank before diversifying the site’s selection of wildflowers with new perennials and shrubbery.

2022 Accomplishments

  • 7 shrubs planted (3 ruby spice clethras, 2 summer sweet clethras, 2 pussy willows, 1 inkberry)
  • 15 perennials planted (5 agastache, 3 phlox, 5 butterfly milkweed, 2 moss flowering phlox)
  • 8 events
  • 20 volunteers
  • 116 volunteer hours