Jocelyn Square Park

Volunteer Leader(s):

Kev Darnell

Neighborhood: Fair Haven

Type of Site: Park Friends Park Friends

Address: 470 East Street, New Haven, CT, 06511


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2023 Greenspace Report

What can you say about the Friends of Jocelyn Square! They are special, lovely people. This has been their first season as a Greenspace group— though they put in countless hours beautifying their neighborhood well before they joined the program. It’s not uncommon to see them bringing mulch to trees under the overpass, making dishes from wild dandelions, picking up litter in pouring summer storms… The folks of this group go above and beyond. The commitment to leaders Charlie Nixon and Kevin Darnell is something to behold. Other group members include their loved ones and friends, who have shown up consistently throughout the season. Together, we planted legions of perennials in a weedy raised bed at the plants entrance; devined, pruned, and planted under a completely choked-out dogwood; and picked up trash around the park. Many laughs and good conversations were had, and friendships forged. On the occasion, curious children from the park’s playground would wander over. We’d give them gloves and get to working with them, too! Jocelyn Park has long been a joyful place for neighbors, including Charlie in his childhood. While it is still in active use, the trash and abandonment of landscaping outside of mowing at the beginning of the season left much to be desired. This group moved quickly to establish light and joy in this space. I can’t wait to see what the Friends do next season— and undoubtedly, in the interim!

2023 Accomplishments

  • 62 perennials planted (hostas, seedum, coral bells, japanese cranebill geraniums)
  • 6 events
  • 10 volunteers
  • 47 volunteer hours