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Jon is a rising second-year MF candidate at the Yale School of the Environment interested in urban and community forestry. His experience working in county parks has led him to question what it is about parks and other green spaces draw people in, what these spaces mean to different people, how to make them more accessible and inviting to more people, and how to accentuate the various positive social and ecological aspects of them. He aims to explore these questions further as a Community Greenspace intern and apply what he learns for the benefit of the residents of New Haven and their local communities.


Friends Of Edgewood Park

Mill River Trail

Quinnipiac River Park

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Oyster Point

Peat Meadow Gardens

Blake Street Pocket Park

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completing the food pantry
putting up a sign for the food pantry
an artist at work
the gift of life
standing tall

Blake Street Pocket Park

Genese and the folks at the Blake Street Pocket Park rang in their third season last Friday with a bang and great creativity as they not only weeded and watered their beautiful neighborhood space, but also put the finishing touches on their brand-new food pantry! And there soon will be more where that came from! Take that, COVID-19!



Friends Of Edgewood Park

Three groups set out to tackle the Friends of Edgewood Park's weekly objectives for this week on Tuesday morning. One group at the Duck Pond at the Chapel Street bridge spent the morning removing Japanese knotweed and mugwort; a second added wood chips to the low lying part of the rhododendron trail near the Edgewood Avenue bridge; a third spruced up the garden at Whalley and West Rock. There was great turnout!



Friends Of Edgewood Park

Clara and Stephanie mulched the new trees on the promenade, Pat and Dolores weeded the gardens near Sundial Sprinkler, and Frank cleared knot weed from around trees along road going to Duck Pond. Rebecca cut back overgrowth at the stairs to the basketball court.