Blake Street Pocket Park

Volunteer Leader(s):

Genese Clark
Magaly Fernandez

Neighborhood: Beaver Hills

Type of Site: Vacant Lot Vacant Lot

Address: 187 Blake Street, New Haven, CT, 06515


Photo Gallery

a brunnera is born
autumn olive extirpation

2021 Greenspace Report

Blake Street Pocket Park Green Space group, a highly energetic group, feels very accomplished this summer. Genese’s strong leadership skills drew even youth to dedicate their Saturday afternoons to working at the park. While Chris’s knowledge of flora was exhibited in the varied choice of perennials the group planted this year, both shade and sun loving perennials. Gerald’s landscaping competencies can be seen on a yearly basis, and he did an excellent job in mowing again this summer. The group planted numerous perennials, did some weeding, watering, spread two yards of mulch, applied two yards of stone dust, and set up a stone bench. Furthermore, the group prides in the food pantry they started last year which is successfully serving the community.

2021 Accomplishments

  • 35 perennials planted (Species: 11 Japanese forest grass, 2 Roxanne Geranium, 4 Liriope, 2 Asters, 2 Coral Bells, 1 Chinese Astilbe, 1 Variegated sedge, 8 Echinacea, 2 Catmint, 2 Black eyed Susan )
  • 2.0 yards mulch spread
  • 5 events
  • 13 volunteers
  • 43 volunteer hours