Blake Street Pocket Park

Volunteer Leader(s):

Genese Clark
Magaly Fernandez

Neighborhood: Beaver Hills

Type of Site: Vacant Lot Vacant Lot

Address: 187 Blake Street, New Haven, CT, 06515


Photo Gallery

Newly planted plants
Volunteers cleaning park

2019 Greenspace Report

Blake Street Pocket Park is a vacant lot that a group of artistic Beaver Hills neighbors have transformed into a small sloping park. The group started its second year with an ambitious list of infrastructural and planting-related goals. Because of its high number of volunteers, they were able to work on all of these goals concurrently, and, by August, achieve every one of them. In eight workdays, Blake Street finished the central walking path, established a new planting bed at the center of the park, planted perennials in all existing beds, and created a holly bush border to demarcate the property line. Where there once was an overgrown slope there now is a thoughtfully designed place for children, adults, and urban wildlife alike to linger in nature. The volunteers that drove this transformation have shown how much can be achieved when a community combines creative energies and works towards a common goal.

2019 Accomplishments

  • 14 shrubs planted (Shrub weigela, blue maid holly, blue prince holly, inkberry)
  • 71 perennials planted (Groundcover weigela, ajuga, geraniums, oak leaf hydrangea, blue star juniper, variegated liriope, coral bells, black eyed susans, pardon me daylilies, agastache, joe pye weed, white sage, mouse ear hostas, guacamole hostas, pointed-tip hostas, coneflowers, bugbane, false indigo, variegated yucca, creeping phlox, purple sage, happy returns daylilies)
  • 7.0 yards mulch spread
  • 8 events
  • 22 volunteers
  • 154 volunteer hours