Neighborhood: East Rock

Type of Site: Streetscape Streetscape

Address: Clark Street/Pleasant Street/Pearl Street, New Haven, CT, 06511

2012 Greenspace Report

The SoHu Neighborhood Group had a fantastic summer planting 20 trees of which 16 trees are on Pearl Street. Completion of construction to put in new sidewalks on Pearl Street opened up the long-awaited opportunity for the group to plant much needed trees on this street. With the completion of this summer's plantings the group has almost entirely filled the canopy gaps on these two blocks. The high capacity of the group enabled them to plant a significant number of trees and also adapt to obstacles including removing a two foot, eight inch diameter root. In addition to planting trees, the group also built community between new and old volunteers with participants ranging from long-time residents to university students just in town for the summer. Including plantings this summer, the group has planted over 100 trees of diverse species, a tremendous accomplishment that makes this neighborhood look beautiful, eclectic and forested.

2012 Accomplishments

  • 20 trees planted (Stellar Pink Dogwood, Kousa Dogwood, Linden Greenspire, European Hornbeam, Crabapple Prairie Fire, Red Maple, Canada Red Cherry, Hawthorn Winter King, Red Oak, Kwanzan Cherry, Royal Burgundy Cherry)
  • 41 perennials planted (coreopsis, daylily, black eyed susans, catmint, Russian sage)
  • 3.0 yards compost spread
  • 4.0 yards mulch spread
  • 8 events
  • 32 volunteers
  • 139 volunteer hours