Washington Ave.

Photo Gallery

Three volunteers work on digging out the Greenspace sign
One of the students digging a hole to plant a perennial
The students sitting around the bench working on their butterfly signs
A volunteer dumps mulch on the flowerbed at Washington Ave

2022 Greenspace Report

The Washington Ave community greenspace has developed into a beautiful pocket of greenery in the neighborhood, due to the dedication and hard work of Nikki and her family. This summer, the group continued maintenance and stewardship of the perennials and several young trees they had planted in previous years, as well as adding a variety of new flowering plants to the various garden beds. The highlight of the summer was the planting of a cherry tree as a memorial, which will bring beautiful pink flowers to the site come spring, and created a lovely space for remembrance at the site.

2022 Accomplishments

  • 1 trees planted (Kwanzan Cherry)
  • 16 perennials planted (4 Etain violets, 45 big blue lilyturf liriope, 3 fireglow sedum, 2 firecracker sedum, 2 black-eyed Susan, 1 baptisia)
  • 1.5 yards mulch spread
  • 10 events
  • 20 volunteers
  • 52 volunteer hours