Orchard Street

2017 Greenspace Report

One of the longest-lasting Greenspace Groups, the Orchard Street Clean Up Blockwatch has been working with URI since 1995. This Blockwatch group does not shy away from heavy work, whether it is shoveling peastone from a pickup truck or digging through rocky, brick-filled soil with a pickax to bring color to their space. This summer the group revitalized two tree pits in front of their lot with flowering perennials. They also accomplished their goals of adding more color to their lot by planting 5 varieties of hostas as well as knockout roses, big leaf hydrangea bushes, and vinca to name a few. An important addition to their lot this season is a memorial sign for Mary Green and a Greenspace sign listing the rules for the space that will be posted on the gate. They look forward to hosting a blockwatch barbeque at the end of the summer for the neighborhood to enjoy the results of all their efforts.

2017 Accomplishments

  • 4 shrubs planted (2 knockout roses, 2 hydrangea)
  • 32 perennials planted (hosta, daylily, coral bell, tridescantia, vinca)
  • 0.5 yards compost spread
  • 1.0 yards mulch spread
  • 11 events
  • 14 volunteers
  • 133 volunteer hours