Orchard Street

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2023 Greenspace Report

The experience of collaborating with the Friends of Orchard Street throughout the summer has been truly gratifying. Under the leadership of Lenora Turner, fondly referred to as 'Lil Mama', the group centred their efforts primarily on impactful stewardship endeavours. Their scope of work encompassed critical tasks such as the meticulous removal of trash and invasive weeds from the greenspace. Additionally, they undertook the careful pruning of tree branches lining the streetscape along the greenspace. A notable focus was placed on enhancing the aesthetics and health of the greenspace through the application of mulch to the shrub beds bordering the chain fence and rear area. Furthermore, the team demonstrated their commitment to restoration by introducing perennial plants into the baskets adorning the streetscape. All in all, this collaboration has yielded a deeply rewarding and impactful summer engagement.

2023 Accomplishments

  • 6 perennials planted
  • 2.0 yards mulch spread
  • 7 events
  • 7 volunteers
  • 40 volunteer hours