East Edge Gardeners

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Sandy stands proudly next to the East Edge wooden signboard

2023 Greenspace Report

East Edge Gardeners are a small but mighty group that has been working in the Edgewood Ave median for over 25 years. Walking along Edgewood Ave, the care and dedication of the Gardeners is evident from the well-maintained beds that line the perpendicular streets to Edgewood Ave. This year, East Edge was an active greenspace group, and they tended to the beds along Norton St, Ellsworth Ave, Brownell St, Hobart St, and Pendleton St. They planted along Norton, Ellsworth, and Pendleton, but tender love and care was given in the form of weeding and mulching along all beds! The group mostly focused on perennials this year, and the added color will be enjoyed by all passersby who walk along Edgewood Ave and interact with the space.

2023 Accomplishments

  • 2 shrubs planted (2 spirea)
  • 31 perennials planted (1 joe pye weed, 10 coneflowers, 12 daylilies, 8 gaillardia)
  • 3.5 yards mulch spread
  • 8 events
  • 5 volunteers
  • 33 volunteer hours