East Edge Gardeners

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2021 Greenspace Report

East Edge gardeners have shown unwavering commitment for the past two decades. Their stewardship skills are exemplary. Despite the challenges of the Covid- 19 pandemic, they kept the ball rolling in weeding long before the summer started. The group is friendly and hardworking. They reached their planting goals with 3 new shrubs and 15 new perennials. Furthermore, the group did tremendous work in applying two yards of shredded pine mulch at two Hobart Street beds and two Brownell Street beds. The beautiful results of their work can be appreciated by all who pass.

2021 Accomplishments

  • 3 shrubs planted (Species: 2 azaleas, 1 nine bark )
  • 15 perennials planted (Species: 12 Stella D’oro day lilies, 3 echinacea)
  • 2.0 yards mulch spread
  • 6 events
  • 5 volunteers
  • 37 volunteer hours