Quinnipiac River Park

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2023 Greenspace Report

With open views of the Quinnipiac River, Quinnipiac River Park is a peaceful, idyllic park located at the edge of Fair Haven. The Friends of Quinnipiac River Park are extremely dedicated to and enthusiastic about the work they do at the park, and at the core of their love of the park is their goal of creating community spaces for connection. They had a successful summer, mulching tree rings, planting perennials and a new honey locust tree, holding a community event with Alder Sarah Miller and city officials to discuss future plans for the park, and hanging bird houses in the trees with Mary Wade. This is truly a motivated and wonderful group, and the beauty of the park reflects the love they put into it!

2023 Accomplishments

  • 5 trees planted (2 honey locusts, 1 buckeye, 1 hackberry, 1 swamp white oak)
  • 10 perennials planted (2 Lamb’s Ear, 2 Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea, 2 Nepeta, 1 Shasta Daisy, 1 Daylily, 2 Butterfly Milkweed)
  • 2.0 yards mulch spread
  • 8 events
  • 68 volunteers
  • 116 volunteer hours