Scantlebury Park

Neighborhood: Dixwell

Type of Site: Park Friends Park Friends

Address: 139 Ashmun St, New Haven, CT, New Haven, CT


Photo Gallery

Volunteers rake leaves at Scantlebury Park
Volunteers rake leaves at Scantlebury Park

2014 Greenspace Report

The Ella B. Scantlebury Park was named after New Haven's first African-American and first woman City Treasurer. This year, the volunteers from this emeritus group replaced a dead cherry tree with help from Common Grounds student crew. The group also performed stewardship of existing tree beds and ensured that the park was clear of trash during their volunteer days.

2014 Accomplishments

  • 1 trees planted (Kwanzan cherry)
  • 3 events
  • 5 volunteers
  • 38 volunteer hours