Dover Beach Park

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2021 Greenspace Report

The Friends of Dover Beach is a small group of strong-willed core volunteers that not only accomplished tons of good work during volunteer days but also consistently stewards the park throughout the week. During 2021 volunteers installed three new signs reminding park users to throw trash into trash cans. They also added perennials and shrubs to the two butterfly gardens and urban oasis site and re-mulched all three sites. Two volunteers from the Parents Foundation assisted greatly with these projects. Students from Common Ground High School completed an impressive amount of weeding inside the urban oasis and planted a new Hornbeam tree. The dedication of the core volunteers to steward Dover Beach has continued to change the park into a beautiful space for residents and an ecological oasis for wildlife.

2021 Accomplishments

  • 1 trees planted (American Hornbeam (Carpinus carolineana))
  • 3 shrubs planted (1 Ninebark, 1 Bayberry, 1 Viburnum)
  • 16 perennials planted (Sedum, Hyssop, Yarrow)
  • 7.0 yards mulch spread
  • 7 events
  • 7 volunteers
  • 80 volunteer hours