Beaver Ponds Park

Photo Gallery

Yvonne weeding, and Beatrice coming to join!
Lin pulling away at the weed!
Millie and Tay raking!
Yossi showing Tim what he had pulled up!
Claire digging DEEP!
Eileen is a RUNNER!

2023 Greenspace Report

When walking into Beaver Ponds Park, the love and care that is poured into the site every year is evident. Whether it is the tamarack that has been carefully nurtured for 20 years or the children’s garden filled with colorful plants, the park is filled with life and community. This was the 19th year for the Friends of Beaver Ponds Park, and the group only seems to grow ever stronger. Nan Bartow, Joan Hilliard, and Rebecca and James Cramer take leadership, but the Friends regularly have groups of 15+ people across generations each week. This year we weeded, planted, mulched, pruned, and watered in the stone sign garden, the pondside garden, the triangle garden, the children’s garden, and in lots of other places around the path that goes through the park. The Friends’ hard work truly paid off, and they were able to plant about 90 plants in the children’s garden, and over 40 perennials and 2 shrubs in the rest of the park! They also put down a whopping 11 cubic yards of mulch! Most of this went to the stone sign and pondside gardens, and the hard work is evident through the vibrancy of those areas at the end of the summer. They also planted 2 azaleas which will add bursts of color to each side of the path! It was an incredibly successful summer.

2023 Accomplishments

  • 2 shrubs planted (1 flame azalea, 1 pinxterbloom azalea)
  • 76 perennials planted (7 dusty miller, 1 sunflower, 7 butterfly milkweed, 7 yarrow, 12 coreopsis, 8 echinacea, 7 sedum, 23 black-eyed susan, 4 coral bells )
  • 11.0 yards mulch spread
  • 7 events
  • 36 volunteers
  • 184 volunteer hours