Blockwatch 303

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2023 Greenspace Report

Blockwatch 303 is a long-running Greenspace group that beautifies many sites across Westville, and this summer, they turned their attention to the new roundabout next to the Yale Bowl. What was once a dangerous four-way intersection, then a barren roundabout, has now turned into a colorful oasis of native wildflowers all thanks to the hard work of the Blockwatch 303 Greenspace group! ‘The Peanut’ (as the peanut-shaped roundabout is called) evolved wonderfully over the summer, first with the addition of boulders, then pavers, then over 100 perennials. Sharon Ostfeld-Jones spearheaded the project with the guidance of longtime Blockwatch 303 leaders Kate and Bob Bradley. All of the perennials on ‘The Peanut’ were planted in one day with the help of volunteers who came out despite the pouring rain. Bob and I later set up the Greenspace site sign while Kate set out drip lines and stakes to further support the plants. The group had one additional day of planting, adding three sedums in the beds in front of the Westville Dunkin.’

2023 Accomplishments

  • 117 perennials planted (8 Autumn Joy Sedum, 24 Adam’s Needle Color Guard Yucca, 20 Black-Eyed Susans, 16 Purple Echinacea, 5 Nepeta, 5 Threadleaf Coreopsis, 5 Butterfly Milkweed, 4 Yarrow, 2 Lavender, 6 Pink Dianthus, 6 Shasta Daisies, 16 Coreopsis)
  • 3 events
  • 19 volunteers
  • 31 volunteer hours