Blockwatch 303

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Paul and Bob
Susan and Kate with a tree at Beecher Park.

2021 Greenspace Report

Blockwatch 303 is an emeritus group that takes care of a large amount of perennial, shrub, and tree plantings around the Mitchell library- in particular, two large beds near the library’s entrance in addition to many of the library’s trees, the hostas in the parking lot, and the Whalley/Bradley St. Parking lot further down the block from the library. The library’s plantings and some of the parking lot’s are primarily maintained by Kate and Bob Bradley who are retired locals and prominent community land stewards. They began with a small patch of land across from the Yale Bowl next to Edgewood park and have spread their work throughout the Westville neighborhood. Susan McCaslin also has taken primary stewardship of “the xmass tree corner” of the Bradley/Whalley St. parking lots (so named for the small spruce tree planted there). The group is dedicated, fastidious, and very successful at maintaining a wide array of land parcels and implementing consistent stewardship practices over 2 decades.

2021 Accomplishments

  • 1 trees planted (hydrangea tree- next to stairs on corner of parking lot)
  • 1 shrubs planted (creeping juniper- in the "xmass tree corner" of the parking lot)
  • 2 events
  • 4 volunteers
  • 8 volunteer hours