Blockwatch 303

Photo Gallery

Susan and Kate with a tree at Beecher Park.
Bob and Liam unloading mulch from the truck.
Spreading mulch at the Memorial Garden across from Beecher Park.
Our group of volunteers at Beecher Park and Mitchell Library
Spreading mulch around one of the street trees at Beecher Park.

2019 Greenspace Report

Blockwatch 303 has made a huge impact on the Westville neighborhood throughout their time as a Community Greenspace group. This season, Blockwatch 303 continued their stewardship/maintenance of Beecher Park and the Memorial Garden they created last year (with Susan McCaslin as the leader of this project). They created this Memorial Garden in memory of Chris Engstrom, a local artist in Westville who passed away due to ALS. This project, along with the dedicated and consistent stewardship/maintenance of Beecher Park, demonstrate the commitment of Blockwatch 303 to helping their community through Greenspace activities.

2019 Accomplishments

  • 6.5 yards mulch spread
  • 10 events
  • 24 volunteers
  • 65 volunteer hours